Joey Danger
As a recording artist, Joey Danger has commercially released 3 EP’s including his latest release ‘Lust & Vugarity’ (2016) which was haled as “the best thing to come out of [alternative] in recent years” by Jamsphere Magazine. As a music producer, Joey has also written, recorded, and produced music for dozens of indie artists from all genres over the last decade.
Joey Danger
Joey’s fashion film ‘Bio Hacking is Future Beautiful’ that he created for IRK Magazine was nominated for ‘Best Visual Effects’ and ‘Best Creative Concept’ at the 2016 La Jolla International Fashion Film Awards.
Joey Danger
With almost 5 million YouTube views, and thousands of subscribers, Joey is has proven he creates powerful and unique content that captivates a wide audience.
Joey Danger
Danger’s unique artistc style can be seen on the covers of International fashion Magazines like IRK Paris and Var Magazine 


Joey Danger (Joseph Anthony Stuller) is a New York City based musician, film director, multimedia artist, and music producer.


Recording Artist
As a recording artist, Joey has commercially released 3 EPs “Fighting for Dynamics” (2006) “Alive” (2010)  and “Lust & Vulgarity” (2016)
Music Producer
As a music producer, Joey has worked with a variety of artists from all genres ranging from EDM, Metal, Hip hop, Pop, Reggae and produced nearly two dozen albums over the last decade. Notable artists with national radio air play include rock band Breathing Theory.
Film Maker
As a Video Director  / Compositor / Editor / Animator, Joey has created high concept music videos, animation, and film for clients like IRK Magazine and worked with Supermodels like Emanuela De Paula and Madison Headrick. His most recent film “Bio Hacking is Future Beautiful” was nominated for three awards awards and featured in the La Jolla Film FestivalInternational Fashion Film Awards, and Mercedes-Benz South African Bokeh Fashion Film Festival.
VFX Artist / Deigner
As an award nominated  VFX artist and designer, Joey has collaborated with established photographers and stylists, published work in Var Magazine and IRK Magazine, collaborated with internationally known models and fashion photographers, worked in Times Square as Creative Director for EIC Agency, and independently designed for hundreds of clients all over the world.
As a Photographer, Joey has worked with internationally known models, and shot major events like New York Fashion Week and shot for Major Brands including Jay Godfrey and Alyson Eastman.


Joseph Anthony Stuller grew up in Cocoa Florida. After playing in a slew of bands from age 12, being homeless, and overcoming a battle with drugs at an early age, Joey made his mark as a solo artist back in 2006 with his first single and music video titled “8 Bit Thunderbolt” which he released on youtube in December 2006. The video was shot and recorded by him entirely in his bedroom. It featured him flying through a city, fighting robots and shooting electricity out of his guitar. Despite its humble production, the the final product was impressive enough to gain the attention of industry professionals like TV/music production manager Mike Morin, and many underground musicians who helped Joey Danger launch a career as a freelance multi-media artist. Shorty after, Joey released his 1st studio EP ‘Fighting for Dynamics” followed by “Alive” in 2010, and “Yours truly” in 2012 as half member to the EDM duo ‘God Complx’ a collaborative music project with alternative singer and model Marissa Rodriguez. Their music video “Wicked games” was popular among underground EDM fans but it wasn’t until summer 2015 when Joey created a hilarious parody video called “Batman & Shia Labeouf v Superman : Dawn of do it” that he really got noticed. The video went viral with over 4 million views, was praised for it’s clever visual effects editing, and expanded his fan base almost over night. 
Today, Joey has released an epic new music video for his latest single “Stars” which he shot and directed. The visual effects, direction, and shots that Joey Danger implemented take the viewer into a dark urban world of retro pop-culture and cyberpunk nostalgia –  reminiscent of early MTV years. Jamsphere Magazine called it “an astonishingly creative and jaw-dropping audio-video experience” and is considered by most to be his best work to date.

“Joey Danger is truly is truly one of a kind. He is the definition of a one man show and the blueprint for a modern artist in the 21st century. From his look to his sound, his entire aesthetic is his own. His music, videos, graphics, photography, visual effects, and websites are all entirely created by him. Even his music group / label Industrialust was founded and built by him as well. With almost 5 million you-tube views and buzz about him circulating throughout New York, he has proven he is an artist to watch this year.” – Live Bold Style Magzine